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Navigating the Challenges of Operating an Outdoor Market in 2023


Outdoor markets have long been an integral part of our communities, offering a vibrant and unique shopping experience. However, operating an outdoor market in 2023 presents a range of challenges that market organizers and vendors must navigate. From changing consumer preferences to regulatory hurdles and unpredictable weather patterns, outdoor markets require adaptability and innovative strategies to thrive. In this blog post, we will explore the significant challenges faced by operators of outdoor markets in 2023 and discuss potential solutions to overcome them.

The National Association of British Markets Survey 2022


The National Association of British Markets has produced a survey from late 2022 highlighting the current state of the local market sector - it makes interesting reading. The survey in it's entirety can be read here

Your step by step guide to becoming a market trader


Have you ever considered starting your own business? A stall on your local market is a flexible platform to test and launch a lean business. Read the attached Market Trader Start-Up Guide produced by the National Market Traders Federation